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Need more background
on RSS?

Try Ben Hammersly's
excellent book.

RSS has gone mainstream! The number of available news feeds is increasing daily. The problem now is finding and subscribing to feeds of interest to you. The RSS autodiscovery spec was supposed to help with this. It has well been adopted by the RSS publishing community but from a users point of view there is a disconnect between the autodiscovery link and subscribing to it in his/her RSS aggregation software. This is where RSSExplorer comes in...

RSSExplorer is a tool that looks for RSS feeds while you browse. On every page you visit it looks for the autodiscovery link. If it finds one it displays it. You can then subscribe to the feed by clicking a button.


  Supported Aggregators/Viewers    

Currently, the list is:

Added 7/31/03

Added 8/7/03

Added 8/22/03

Let me know if you would like to see any others added to the list.





The validate button will send the RSS link to for validation and display the result.

Toolbar in action:

Clicking on the drop down associated with the subscribe button allows you select your aggregator. You only need to do this once; RSSExplorer will remember your selection and use it the next time you hit the subscribe button.


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